Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Smith Family Christmas in Austin

We visited another children's museum and we loved it to! Really we can't wait for Tulsa to get one haha. Ethan and Daddy
Eli and Rubee
Ellie, Rubee, Eli, Avalynn. This was at the work site area they all had a blast.
In the kitchen area, the kids were fixing dinner for all of adults, pops and nanna enjoyed this.
Ethan loved these stairs he played here, going up and down the stairs the majority of the morning. The first hour he did great walking very smooth and then he started wobbling and then falling and then diving down the stairs. Sooo funny, Ethan is the funniest baby I have ever seen, Nick and I just watch him wobble around and making all of us laugh.

Welcoming Christmas

So we went to look at lights and bring in the Christmas Holiday, we went to light up Louisville which is down town. It was freezing walking from the car, however there were so many people down town it wasn't cold at all! This was the best Picture from the night! We also went into an underground cave that was filled with lights, Ethan loved the cave with lights he kept saying ohhhh awwwwe yoook! That was making all of us laugh. Grandma and Grandpa

The childrens museum

This was at the Children's Museum Eli was very excited to stand inside this bubble. When we got there they were out of bubbles so we had to wait for more bubbles but it was worth it Elle and Eli played in it for about 15 min. A very big hit! The Museum was fun for the kids but I think Nick and Zack actually had the most fun! There was a water experiment place, Eli, Nick and Zack Played an extra hour in this room alone!

Monday, January 11, 2010


We went to Kentucky for the Thanksgiving Holiday!! We had so much fun! It was also the first time we got to meet our new Baby cousin Stone! Silly Ethan, he did not want to sleep this trip.... so he didn't, which means mommy and daddy got to work overtime. haha
Very sleepy boy!

See silly very silly all weekend.

Ellie and Daddy chilling, literally we had an inside joke about how cold uncle Zack kept the house.
We were very loud house guests, so poor baby Stone had a hard time staying on his sleep cycle
but we loved holding and feeding him!

Ethan loves his plug, but the "mute" part was broken this trip.

Sweet new Parker Baby.

Aunt Alison and Uncle Zack, probably thinking ...wow are they ever going home!

Thankful...For Thanksgiving, it really is my favorite Holiday!

Eli turns 4 Again

Eli's grandparents are not big fans of Birthday parties. So we had a friends birthday party at Chuck E Cheese and then an Afternoon with Grandparents cake, ice cream, and presents. For some reason I thought Nick was taking pictures and Nick thought I was taking Pictures. Therefor these are the only pictures we have but we had a fun day with, Pops and Nanna, Grandma and Grandpa, and Leslie and Jerry ("adopted" grandparents).

Friday, January 1, 2010


Eli wanted to be Shaggy from Scooby Doo. So we were all Scooby Characters, for our first party and for the fall day at school. However Ellie's costume didn't last the whole month so we had to make a last min. Fairy costume. On Halloween Ethan got very sick so he and I went to home and went to bed while daddy and Eli and Elle went trick or treating! In October we went to a Halloween party, Fall days at school, Boo Ha ha, the Wild Weather Show and Trick or Treating it was a fun busy month and way too much Candy in moms opinion :) here are some fun pics!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

More Smith Christmas

Smith Family gift exchange...its getting more exciting every year the kids get a little older.

Wyatt and Uncle Nick!